About Us

Courtesy Taxi Cooperative has been in existence for over twenty-five years, starting off first as a voluntary association of taxi drivers but now becoming a registered cooperative with the Ministry of cooperatives.

Presently it has over 150 members, each operating as a small independent businessman under the umbrella of the Co-op. Hence, Courtesy can boast a diversified pool of vehicles to suit every taste and need.

Code of Conduct for the Cooperative

To ensure that Courtesy Taxi Cooperative provides services of the highest standard to the passengers, we have developed a code of conduct to guide the operations of our members.

Some extracts from the code of conduct have been reproduced below. But if you would like some more information, please feel free to call or contact us at the numbers and address given at the bottom of the page.

  • All members must be courteous to their passengers at all times.
  • Members must always conduct themselves in a proper manner while awaiting dispatch.
  • Members must be tidily dressed when conducting business.
  • Members must keep their vehicles clean and tidy at all times.
  • Members should not undercut prices arranged by the Cooperative society.
  • Members must not solicit jobs while inside the Point Seraphine compound.
  • All jobs must come through the Co-op’s dispatch service.
Staff of Courtesy Taxi Cooperatives
For more information about our services and vehicles used, just call 758-452-1733. We look forward to making your stay in St. Lucia a memorable one. Make a booking today.